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Welcome to Ross’ Gold™,  an international cannabis super-brand founded by snowboarding Olympic Gold Medalist Ross Rebagliati who is a spokesperson for the benefits of medical marijuana, especially as it relates to sports training, injuries, pain management and stress.  

“For me, whether you are skiing, or snowboarding, or riding a road bike, or working out at the gym, (marijuana use) puts you in the moment. You get in a zone where you can give it a 110 percent.” – Ross Rebagliati

Why Ross’ Gold?  

QUALITY – Our products meet the gold standard in excellence

LEGITIMACY – We back our products with quality assurance and guarantees

HEALTHY – Our products are healthy and promote a better way of life

ESTABLISHED – Brand identity since 1998

“The cannabis community doesn’t exclude anybody or any group. It’s one of the things that both sows the seeds of our society while also bringing people together in a healthy and productive manner. Peace.”   –  Ross Rebagliati

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